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 * The Rules

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PostSubject: * The Rules   * The Rules EmptySat Dec 10, 2011 11:49 pm

Here are the basic rules to follow:

0 ) Everybody Love Everybody
The most important rule. So important, in fact, that it's number zero. The title says it all, everybody should love everybody.

1 ) Respect Others
This means any and every member. Respect the administration and moderation decisions, the staff usually has a reason for doing anything. No flaming or trolling! That stuff is not wanted here. Do not start fights, constantly argue, or try to purposely get yourself in trouble. Definitely no discrimination.

2 ) No Spamming
Please don't do pointless posting, one word posts, or any "chatbox" like post. Spam belongs in the Spam Central forum.

3 ) Be Appropriate
Please use appropriate language, pictures, etc. no extreme cursing in posts or even private messages. Only limited cussing is allowed in the chatbox.

4 ) No Advertising
Do NOT advertise other forums! This is completely unacceptable. Do NOT post links back to Pokego on sites that do not allow it either! This creates trolls and enemies. You may post links to sites such a youtube, and non-forum sites. You can refer to Smogon, Mariland and Serebi as well, considering everyone knows about them anyway. However, do not try and recruit people to smogon, mariland or serebi.

5 ) No Plagiarism
Don't post anybody else's artwork or text without appropriate credit (something where the artist can be considered obvious, such as official art or characters, video game screenshots, etc., does not count), and definitely do not claim to have created anything that you didn't. This also includes taking someone's words and altering them.

6 ) Protect Your Privacy
Do not give out any information that might be too personal, it is best for your own safety! Giving out your gender, age, or state is considered fine, if you want to, but nobody can take your information without your consent. If somebody's harassing you over it, contact a staff member.

7 ) No Begging
Do not beg someone to battle/trade you. No begging to be a staff member; that literally lowers your chances to ever be a staff member, especially considering some administrators keep a log. This also includes hinting towards it (if you're joking around, and I can tell, It's fine.) but do not say things like "Well, if I was moderator/admin..." or "You should make me moderator, haha." or even "Too bad I'm not moderator, I'm on a lot too."

8 ) English Only
All of the moderators and administrators are fluent in English, so please communicate in English. I will get my spanish members to do a spanish branch Forum, but that's a long ways away.

9 ) Have Fun
Don't be moping around and be as active as possible. Also, try not to talk about your personal problems as it occasionally makes members sad and has made some sign off of the forum permanently. If you really have to talk to someone, limit it to PMs or e-mails, please.

10 ) No Necroposting
A dead topic is one that has not had any posts in 4 or more weeks. Don't post in them. This does not include art threads, fan fics, etc.

11 ) Don't Multi-Post
If you have something to add, use the edit button. The only place you may double post is in YOUR art thread(s), shop(s), trading thread(s), breeding center(s) and fan fic(s).

12 ) No Obscenities, No Pornography
Do not post obscene or pornographic pictures/videos, or make links to such media. This will result in a permanent ban.

13 ) Don't Be An Idiot (Protect Your Account)
You are responsible for your account. If you have nosy siblings, we recommend that you log out when you are done with your visit. In other words, we will not accept the excuse "Oh, my little brother/sister/mean friend/evil monster under the bed posted all those mean messages the other day! Don't ban me!"

14 ) No Duplicate Accounts
If you make one while you are banned, you will be PERMANENTLY banned. If you make one while not being banned, your new account will be PERMANENTLY banned, and your original account will have a restriction for 1 week.

15 ) No Mini-Modding
Mini-modding is when you see a post that violates a rule, and you say something along the lines of "Oh, you're not supposed to spam!" "Oh, this is in the wrong forum" and nothing else. Our job as admins/mods is to take care of these things.

16 ) No Oversized Avatars or Signatures
Please keep avatar and signature sizes to the guidelines. We don't want to see any oversized ones. Avatars should be kept around 150px x 150px and signatures should have good judgment. If they take up half or more of the page, they're too big. 800px x 300px is considered the maximum.

17 ) Don't Be Too Happy (No Excessive Smilies)
Do not post excessive smilies, even in the spam forum. It may make some people's internet connection go very slow, or can make their web browser freeze.

18 ) No Misleading Links
Do not make links that mislead people to something not implied or described by the explanation given.

19 ) Epilepsy Kills (No Rapidly-Changing Colors)
Do not post flashy pictures that rapidly change colors, as they can give certain people seizures, and will probably lead to us getting sued by their family for unintentional murder or something. That wouldn't be good. (This forum, my friends, isn't that Porygon Movie. Kay, thanks.)

20 ) Religion And Politics Are Boring (Don't Talk About Them)
Do not have any religious or political talk. Even if you think your views are the universally superior one, it will lead to arguments, and we don't want that. Anti-religious and anti-political sentiments are also not welcome here; it's just best to not think about any of that stuff.

21 ) Long Posts Are Loooooooooong (Don't Post Them)
Do not make excessively long posts anywhere in the forums! This includes the spam board.

22 ) No Drug Discussion
Don't talk about drugs, don't do drugs and then come onto Shaychu expecting to not be warned, and don't even think about selling drugs to members on this forum. Again, this is a children-friendly forum where our users are not age-mature enough to read such material. They will probably crack jokes at your expense. This is not a good thing. This includes alcohol, nicotine/tobacco, and the like.

23 ) Don't Be A Downer
Don't come on the forum and act all emo. Don't be weeping and sad like "I'm so sad.. my life sucks... I need a hug" blah blah blah. That's annoying and it's not any of our issues. Most people don't want to hear it, and it just brings us down. Plus, if you're in that much need of attention, don't go searching on PokeGo for it. You're not going to get it.

Follow these rules. If you break them too many times, there WILL BE consequences. I know this seems like a lot, but it's all to make everybody's visits to PokeGo as enjoyable as possible.


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* The Rules
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