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 Treasure Town

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PostSubject: Treasure Town   Treasure Town EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 3:53 pm

A small town where many new trainers start out. Professor Annalei's Labratory is located on the left corner of the town, overlooking the sea. On really clear nights, some say you can see red lights from The Town of Misfortune, despite their lack of electricity and such. The grass is brighter and healthier then most grass, and the flowers always bloom with such strange colors and or intricate patterns. A Lilypard, a purple Lily with Yellow liepard like markings, is special only to Treasure Town. It's used in many famous dishes from Sonata Region. Theres a small underground cave in Treasure Town that's rich in gems and jewels. Although, removing many jewels and gems results in the death and exstinction of some special plants in Treasure Town. The reason is still unknown, but after many battles and such, they were able to win rights to the cave and keep it safe. Some younger children are heard playing in the caves by themselves, and speaking of a Pokemon that's Blue with a red jewel on it's chest. They also reported seeing a small underground lake. However, when searching the caves, Professor Annalei couldn't find either. Most is still quite unknown about the cave and the mystery it brings.
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Treasure Town
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