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 Sound Peninsula

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Sound Peninsula Empty
PostSubject: Sound Peninsula   Sound Peninsula EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 4:54 pm

A small Peninsula off the coast of Little Rock and Treasure Town. When the weather's nice, the Pokemon come out onto the beach. The Krabby blow bubbles, the Pelipers and Wingulls sing, the Mudkips and Woopers play in the sand, and groups of pokemon gather around Cyndaquils and Charmanders at night to roast marshmellows. The reason for being called Sound Peninsula is because of a strange sound that emits from time to time when a crisis is at hand. People are still unsure of what it's from or who's causing it, but it soothes and calms people and Pokemon. At times when this sound is heard, a strange fog also appears, one of a light pink. Some people, when danger is high in arguments, have even fallen asleep from breathing this mysterious fog! Professor Annalei is doing exstensive research and believes that the Pokemon keeping the peace is Musharna. She has sat on the beach to investigate her hypothesis, but still hasn't actually seen Musharna.
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Sound Peninsula
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