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 Contesting Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Contesting Code of Conduct   Contesting Code of Conduct EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 6:19 pm

Contests are a form of battling that makes more use of the pokemon's beauty, allowing it to show off its moves and how it works with its natural abilities and type. But rather than judging based on the last mon standing, contests employ a scoring system that I will explain below along with my basic set of rules.

~Any trainer using a pokemon specifically prohibited in the rules of the contest will be disqualified. (its the contestants job to read and understand the contests specific rules before applying)
~Any trainer failing to show up for a judge battle three times will be disqualified. (ive seen so many contests stall to death because of inactive contestants...)
~Each contest may have its own set of rules (or theme) in addition to these (or excluding these)

Contest Structure and Scoring:

First round consists of the contestant meeting with a judge and showing off the beauty of their pokemon's moves and combinations. Each will only have one pokemon, the contestant using their selected pokemon and the judge using a high defense pokemon. Extra points are awarded if the moves make use of the pokemon's ability or vice versa.

1-5 points awarded based on pokemon's selection of moves
1-5 points awarded for synergy of moves and ability
1-5 bonus awarded if the nickname is creative
Total possible: 15

The lowest two contestants in the scoring are eliminated (only one if there are already less than five).

Second round is a 2v2 battle with the judge. Contestant must use the pokemon from round one and another pokemon to show off the power of their pokemon. Extra points are awarded for the two pokemon working well together.

1-5 points awarded based on each pokemon's move choices.
1-5 bonus for creative names on both pokemon.
5 bonus points awarded for defeating the judge
Total possible: 20

The lowest two contestants in the scoring are eliminated (only one if there are less than four).

The final round is essentially a tournament style battle between the finalists. Each tier victory is worth 5 points, winning the whole thing is worth 10 points to your overall score.

Scores are tallied and winners announced in the contest thread. Any prizes awarded (ribbons or other things) should be collected as soon as possible to avoid stalling the thread.
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Contesting Code of Conduct
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