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 Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym

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Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym Empty
PostSubject: Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym   Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym EmptySun Dec 18, 2011 1:23 pm

Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym Shaychu2point0banner2-2-2


but seriously, ive trained dragons too :p im not some one trick pony trainer, though by far my favored type is dark.

anyway, rules:

Gym Leader: Dragonartist713
Badge:Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym Team_m10
Type: Dragon

i want you people to have fun!
fun for both sides is my goal because may i remind you this is a game.

All Standard Clauses
-6v6, best of 1 match
-i can meet you on the DS or PBR (4th gen only)
-Uber clause is expanded to include all legends. i dont care if they arent technically uber, dont use them here. there are plenty of other pokemon that will function just fine instead. i define a legendary as theres only one available normally in the game and it cant be bred normally. dont use them, you will instalose.
-please dont gang up on me with super effective types (ice and dragon). i wont call shenanigans if you keep it to only 2 pokemon that gain super-effective STAB against my drakes. being swept/sweeping with a single pokemon is neither fun nor interesting, imo.
- this should be standard but ill clarify. D/C entitles you to a rematch, if you'd like, but ill ask that you keep your line-up the same. that way its fair for both of us
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Dragons' Den Valley Dragon Gym
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