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 Update: February

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Update: February Empty
PostSubject: Update: February   Update: February EmptyThu Feb 02, 2012 5:37 pm

So we have some fun stuff coming up in february stocked full of love. Haha, but seriously. For you guys staying home this Valentines' Day, or just sitting around with some Poke-buds, we've planned a bunch of awesomeness. Before hand though, I'd like to mention a few things.

I will be re-writing the rules. Please check back to read them.

We might get a Spanish PokeGo for some of the Bilanguals or, well, Spanish members. :D

We need people to advertise more. Feel free to advertise on Yahoo Answers, tell your friends, etc. But please do not post PokeGo on forums where advertising is not allowed, it creates enemies and trollers :/

Okay, now fun stuff we had planned! :D

Gym Tryouts! If you'd like to be gym leader, now's your chance. Please contact TheSurgeXS for more info on this, or any League related things. (Gym Leaders, Elites, Champions, and occasionally Tournaments.)

We will be holding a Love Tournament to get in the Valentines' Day mood. To read more about rules and how it'll go, click HERE. To see the sign up sheet, click HERE. If you have any questions about the tournament, please contact TheSurgeXS.

There will be a Cute Contest. To read more on rules and etc, click HERE. To view the Sign Up Sheet, click HERE. If you have Questions that need Answers, please message PokeGoer.

I will be holding the Febuary Art Contest, the theme of course, is love! :D
Click HERE for more information. :3

That is all for now. I will edit with more information if I have it.

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Update: February
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