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 Open Gym spots

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PostSubject: Open Gym spots   Open Gym spots EmptyFri Jan 06, 2012 4:44 pm

We currently have no need for elites until our gyms are all filled, and when that time comes some gym leaders might promoted to elite.

Okay, so as I was going to say. The gym is currently unfilled so if you wish to be a gym leader, you can PM me. If I already know you're a good battler I'll promote you automatically, but if not I'll have to figure out a time to battle you. I can do 4th and 5th but I wanted my gyms to be more 4th based, so if you can only do 5th I'll probably not promote you.

SO. If you have a good 4th gen team, PM me! If you have 4th AND 5th, even better! Just let me know!

Further more... Time to put up posters!


Open Gym spots GYMPOSTER
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Open Gym spots
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